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The Eugene/Springfield region is located in the Willamette valley of Oregon, and we enjoy the many pleasures of the Pacific Northwest lifestyle, including:

  • A gentle climate with few storms
  • Clean air
  • Clean water derived from snow melt
  • Lush vegetation

There are additional pleasures specific to Eugene/Springfield:

  • A major university with related athletic, cultural and social opportunities.
  • World class track/field events (e.g., Olympic Trials) at historic Hayward field.
  • Short drive to the McKenzie river, Pacific coast or winter sports in the Cascade mountains.
  • Abundant parks and bicycle paths.
  • Proximity to fishing in nearby lakes, rivers and ocean.
  • Diverse restaurant and grocery stores; large farmer’s market with local produce.
  • Cultural centers, including the Hult Center for the Performing Arts, and several art galleries.
  • Diverse housing options, including the university community, southwest hills and Willamette river.

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